Coordinating Ministry

Coordinating Ministry is the state Ministry for Presidential aide with the main task to coordinate the preparation, policy-making and implementation of the state government activities within the scope of responsibilities.

The duties of the Coordinating Minister include coordinating ministers in the relevant ministries and other agencies as deemed necessary, coordinating the policies' development, accommodating and seeking settlement of the problems that arise in the areas of coordination, following the development of the situation as firmly as-close coordination on handling the problems that have a bearing between the fields of coordination with the other Coordinating Minister, submitting reports and information materials as well as suggestions and problem solving in their responsibilities to the President.

Coordinating Minister controls that the Minister/Head of Institution in his/her coordination environment maintains the unity, unity of language and measures related to government policy, so that its implementation both at central and local are always integrated.

If any issue cannot be settled by joint efforts, the Coordinating Minister reports to the President either alone or together with the Minister/Head of Institution concerned, for obtaining the consent or instructions of the President.

In carrying out all the responsibilities, the Coordinating Minister is assisted by a staff consisting of the Secretary to the Coordinating Minister, Assistant to Coordinating Minister, and maximum 5 (five) staff specialists.