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Celebrating Diversity at the Spectrum International Day

Celebrating Diversity at the Spectrum International Day

Indonesian Embassy has participated in the annual International Day and charity bazaar hosted by Spectrum International School on Saturday, 27 April 2019. Different from previous events, this year’s activity was held at Keruen Mall, a popular shopping centre located at the heart of the Nur-Sultan City, to attract more visitors.

Indonesia is among the 24 countries who joined the event by opening a booth and selling national products such as foods, drinks, and handicrafts. Over 530 visitors got the opportunity to taste Indonesian authentic cuisine and enjoyed some cultural performances. Some kids were also lucky to join the stage and follow a traditional dance from Kalimantan island.

By the end of the activity, Indonesian stall successfully raised a total amount of 131.100 KZT fund which all went for the charity. 

The Embassy appreciated the organizing committee for hosting the excellent event. Such activity gives people from different nationalities opportunity to know each other, to appreciate the diversity, and for Indonesia, to showcase the richness of its cultures.