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Rangkaian Pertunjukan Indonesian Ethno Jazz Night with Dwiki Dharmawan, 12-13 September 2017 di Astana

Rangkaian Pertunjukan Indonesian Ethno Jazz Night with Dwiki Dharmawan, 12-13 September 2017 di Astana

As the series of the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day, the Indonesian Embassy in Astana has organized the Indonesia Ethno Jazz Night Show with Dwiki Dharmawan, on 12-13 September 2017, in Astana City. This event was held in cooperation between the Embassy of Astana and Directorate of Heritage and Culture Diplomacy, Directorate General of Culture, Indonesia's Ministry of Education and Culture.

The series of performances are filled by 2 (two) main activities, namely: (i) Ethno Jazz Indonesia music collaboration with local musician Kazakhstan followed by press conference at Children's Palace on 12 September 2017 and as the main event; (ii) Indonesian Ethno Jazz Night Concert with Dwiki Dharmawan on 13 September 2017 held at Astana Music Hall.

In Collaborative Activity of Ethno Jazz Indonesia with local musicians of Kazakhstan, Indonesian Jazz Musician, Dwiki Dharmawan, introduced various Indonesian traditional musical instruments such as Kendang Sunda and flute in front of Kazakhstan traditional musicians followed by question and answer and demonstrates how to play the Instruments. The event continued with the collaboration of Dwiki Dharmawan with local musicians Kazakhstan who brought traditional Kazakh music and melodies. The event ended with a press conference attended by National TV and the National Print Media of Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, at the concert of Indonesian Ethno Jazz Night, Dwiki Dharmawan and his band were able to amaze hundreds of visitors who present by featuring 10 original compositions of Ethno Jazz music Indonesia taken from various albums Dwiki Dharmawan. The concert also featured a solo performance from the band Dwiki Dharmawan who played traditional Indonesian musical instruments. It then received a standing ovation from the audience because of its uniqueness.

At the end of her performance, Dwiki Dharmawan gave a big surprise to the visitors who were present with the musical composition of Kazakhstan's folk song 'Kamazhay'. Kamazhay music which is rearranged by Dwiki Dharmawan sounds very appealing to audiences which then they give a standing applause for the cunning appearance of Dwiki Dharmawan and his band at the end of the concert.